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This 19 y/o Stripper faces 20 years in Prison for Injecting Heroin to a Girl!! (Poll)
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Perfect. My friend I'm into is quitting her job
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so the new Naruto Manga is likely going to be about his
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Ay yo Nade, I got my first Nendoroid!
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Not gonna lie, I'm kinda very interested in this TyranoBuilder game.AllstarSniper3263/28 8:12AM
I don't understand why a lot of Christians are so hateful and intolerant
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what do you call a burger without cheese? (Poll)
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Bond 24 teaser trailer is outpapercup53/28 7:35AM
I'm enjoying Bayonetta 2 a lot more than the first one.
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Yay!!!!meundies13/28 7:21AM
Did you ever tell your parents you hated them?
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is the kind of crap they show kids in The UK?NightMareBunny53/28 6:55AM
Hey BTB do you have a cell phone?
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This song from Bloodborne is amazing.Xade7633/28 6:33AM
Best version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Poll)
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What happened to my advanced options?!Komaiko5463/28 2:59AM
why does it seem like people are way too busy these days?NightMareBunny33/28 2:58AM
Being ugly is a curse in America.
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