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New Samsung commercial fires shots at iPhone 6.Metro249/14 5:39PM
There's no reason for me to be awake right now.Judgmenl19/14 5:25PM
Sports Discussion Topic #101: To Pedro Strop's ports or depot (Closed)
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bachewychomp5009/14 5:23PM
Rate this Villain Day 213 Foxy (five nights at freddy's) (Poll)scubasteve4299/14 5:08PM
C/D: You find babies adorable and lovable (part 2) (Poll)Nade Duck109/14 5:01PM
So, Rosalina is Mario and Peach's daughter from the future?
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kratospwnsnoobz119/14 4:48PM
PotD. Seriously. I'd buy a game if I knew it would entertian me.Judgmenl29/14 4:37PM
Do you find hard games Rewarding? Or Off putting? (Poll)
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NessInEagleland169/14 4:32PM
There will never be another Metroid game on par with Super Metroid and Prime C/D
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Jvaas179/14 4:29PM
i think arctic died, guys
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helIy269/14 4:19PM
No PSO either???Rustytheclown69/14 4:19PM
y does chaos post in all of sharks topics
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IAmNowGone179/14 4:18PM
It's 'Arctic Recommends Music Time' - Electronica EditionArctic_Sunrise109/14 4:08PM
No love for RE4 on the poll.
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Tekunin249/14 4:02PM
What is the best Dragon BalI? (Poll)alleniversonms39/14 4:01PM
Do you eat the crust off pizza? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn299/14 3:36PM
what's the weirdest and most disgusting fan fiction you've read?humptyrump49/14 3:31PM
I am tempted to blow to much money on something I wouldnt use oftenOgurisama59/14 3:24PM
What is your preferred handheld / mobile game to play when can't sleep?DeltaBladeX109/14 3:17PM
Post a picture of the last place you went out at nighttiago9219/14 3:13PM