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Less than minimum wage for a job you love or 3 times min for one you hate?
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davf1353810/19 9:51PM
Describe your high school experience with a video game title.
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BigOlePappy2710/19 9:51PM
I'm gonna get shanked one of these days...Arctic_Sunrise110/19 9:51PM
Sports Discussion Topic #103: The Bunt for Ned October
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Zeeky_Bomb49310/19 9:49PM
Just found out my friend was murdered last night.kratosdakota3410/19 9:49PM
Are you a compulsive reloader in video games that have guns?
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bachewychomp1910/19 9:49PM
What's the Biggest Bug/Insect you've ever killed?..Full Throttle710/19 9:48PM
With so much drama in the LBC it's kinda hard bein' Snoop D-O double G....MrArmageddon8210/19 9:47PM
ITT post badly in an ironic fashion
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RedSox3422810/19 9:46PM
Serious question for gay men.
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UraRenge20052010/19 9:43PM
Getting close to beating Borderlands: The Pre Sequel with Wilhelm (Poll)
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DeltaBladeX1210/19 9:41PM
Life has no purpose or meaning.r7gerrabbit910/19 9:41PM
I am playing Costume Quest for the first timeAwesomeTurtwig610/19 9:41PM
For those of you who used to watch WWE/WWF when did you stop
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JoanOfArcade2810/19 9:40PM
will Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Be Better Then Pokemon X/Y? (Poll)NightMareBunny110/19 9:36PM
Why didn't I start watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood sooner
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BNVshark1231110/19 9:36PM
It looks like N**** is going to make it into The Walking Dead SPOILER
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deadpigs1013010/19 9:35PM
All we need is a Jak and Daxter game this gen.raymanfan1110/19 9:30PM
Who are your mains in SSB for 3DS?
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Xade764010/19 9:26PM
The Evil Within - A horror themed shooter, not the return to survival horror.DaltonM710/19 9:25PM