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so i'm thinking i need a new signature. what should i change it to?ShandyKubota47/30 11:13PM
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Seeded Watermelon legit sucks.
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pipebomb_phil307/30 11:06PM
I'm leaving to Scottsdale, AZ for a few days for a family emergency
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Melon_Master317/30 11:04PM
c/d: we should get rid of Mexico.__Muscles__87/30 11:03PM
American Doctor infected with Ebola Begs for God to save him... (Poll)
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Full Throttle117/30 11:01PM
Hello guys.
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When would you consider a transgender the sex that they see themselves as? (Poll)
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goddammit i lost my flash drive
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C0RNISHACID117/30 10:48PM
So, apparently, the Guardians of the Galaxy after credits scene is *spoilers*newsuperdude17/30 10:46PM
wednesday tinychat paaartyAmeliaJane1687/30 10:46PM
Wow thanks even Hitler scored higher than meLootman107/30 10:46PM
Favorite North American Country (Poll)yourDaddie77/30 10:44PM
I'm reading the original comic HSD Kenichi is based off of.Milleyd47/30 10:43PM
minasanlolamericans97/30 10:43PM
MTV going edgy direction! New show Happyland is about brother/sister Incest!!! (Poll)Full Throttle97/30 10:40PM
Can anyone help me find a picture of a woman's thighs with a line in between?
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davf135377/30 10:39PM
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