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guess the above person's smash 3DS/Wii-U Main?
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NightMareBunny1712/27 1:18PM
Making peanut butter marshmallow squares.Dynalo212/27 1:18PM
Rate my drawing please
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grape_purple1212/27 1:17PM
So, will Lizard Squad attack Xbox Live and PSN again when PSN is back up?WhatPoll112/27 1:16PM
I swore off pop for a year but accidentally drank something with it mixed in. (Poll)Storrac712/27 1:16PM
the xbox one stereo headset adaptor blew me away.helIy312/27 1:14PM
How would you feel if CE was to merge with PotD? (Poll)
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McSame_as_Bush2812/27 1:13PM
I wanna hypnox, but it's so ****ing cold right now.Metro2612/27 1:13PM
Is "intelligence gathering" on women creepy/bad?
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GreenTreeClub2312/27 1:13PM
I dunno if I should cancel my soda subscription...Milleyd112/27 1:11PM
Are you feeling the christmas spirit? Because im not.Blazakenki712/27 1:11PM
If you had your own drone/UAV, what would you do with it?WastelandCowboy712/27 1:08PM
Ask Me Anything.Silvenar112/27 1:06PM
Please explain to me why people spend $200+ on headphones?
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Judgmenl4012/27 1:03PM
So my girlfriend changed her hair from brunette to blonde.
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Gimpt32112/27 1:00PM
Do you have adblock enabled on Youtube? (Poll)
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teh Fro Man4312/27 12:52PM
So, i ordered my Xbone today.
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Kimbos_Egg1312/27 12:47PM
Are you worried about the rate of population growth/use of natural resources? (Poll)
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DelectableTears1412/27 12:46PM
I don't usually get loud and hit things when I'm upsetgrape_purple112/27 12:45PM
What happened to Zikten?
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bachewychomp2312/27 12:44PM