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Who here's spending Halloween alone?Laffy444110/31 4:51PM
why did nobody tell me about the nicki minaj anaconda fart remix?Nade Duck510/31 4:51PM
people keep giving me candy and im like "im a vegan bro!"gotall10digits210/31 4:50PM
Obama bans baconSHADOW0106410/31 4:50PM
Let's talk about that one Majora's Mask Theory... (Zelda Series spoilers)BroodRyu910/31 4:49PM
What should I be for Halloween? (Poll)knightoffire55110/31 4:48PM
Two things: Anaconda is catchy as hell and N.Minaj is kinda dragon310/31 4:45PM
gumball gets away with more than any other show on CN atmNade Duck710/31 4:41PM
Why do so many f***ing anti-fun people got to try to ruin the best holiday ever?
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Troll_Police_6710/31 4:41PM
Hershey's is the best candy company
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LemonDestroyer1910/31 4:40PM
how to clear an ear?
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Ao_Ryuu543110/31 4:39PM
What candy should I buy for the kids today?yourDaddie410/31 4:38PM
Reese's is the worst that's right I said it
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bachewychomp2210/31 4:38PM
Cartoon Network backs off from First Gay Kiss Ever on hit TV Show!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle3110/31 4:36PM
What should I watch for Halloween? (Poll)Brett8610/31 4:35PM
Well, Prey 2 is officially cancelled :/
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Far-Queue1210/31 4:25PM
I'm replaying Final Fantasy VI: Part 2
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Melon_Master4210/31 4:25PM
Do you want to eventually have kids?
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Metro25010/31 4:23PM
only watch this if you're braveMr_Sockyman110/31 4:21PM
why is fishing much more socially accepted that hunting? (Poll)
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yourDaddie2710/31 4:20PM