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What else is cool about NY?blackhrt54/19 1:37PM
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Greatest Game Ever : Round 1 : Match 18: Fallout 3 vs Crystalis (Poll)
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quigonzel174/19 1:08PM
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C/D Those who have children knowing they can't be taken care of should be jailed (Poll)aznStaRBoY54/19 1:06PM
Damn you my internet service is being terminated in November.
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Boxboy! feels like a tutorial in game design.papercup44/19 12:56PM
smh I just found my brother's porn folder.
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Like Anna Kendrick's booty?
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Rate my Civ V victory
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Twitch plays OldSpice Nautre AdventuresAwesomeTurtwig44/19 12:21PM
I paid $60 for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and now it's $16 on the PSN sale.culture_den104/19 12:19PM
what are the best incoming WRPGs?
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PotD needs a L4D2 dateAwesomeTurtwig14/19 12:06PM
So I guess once you've done bad you'll always be a bad person
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I think I may have found a nice new Android browser.keyblader198574/19 11:50AM