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Your favourite Youtube channels?
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trodi_911468/27 12:41AM
beat FFIX for the first timeBotnus91218/27 12:37AM
ugh, think my computer got some sort of virus...
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AllstarSniper321568/27 12:35AM
So what are some options for streaming to a group of friends?Gamechamp3k18/27 12:32AM
Are you sometimes afraid to express your beliefs because of the modders? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei208/27 12:31AM
Is Dexter a good guy? (Poll)
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Flutershy198/27 12:15AM
Your favourite slang?trodi_91118/27 12:09AM
how do you pronouncemayu78088/27 12:05AM
People need to understand that attraction to adolescents isnt pedophilia
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iwantmyoldid138/26 11:48PM
Why are college text book chapters so long?
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__Muscles__148/26 11:38PM
This Hippopotamus died a painful death after it swallowed a Tennis Ball!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle128/26 11:37PM
The new inFamous: First Light game was fun enough I guess.raymanfan118/26 11:02PM
Is the VLC player better than MPC now?Milleyd58/26 10:59PM
Are you satisfy with the size of your "package/rack"? (Poll)
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InfestedAdam118/26 10:55PM
stupid would you rather poll (Poll)
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Ogurisama118/26 10:46PM
fun with a piston on a pulsar and slime blockshelIy48/26 10:39PM
Bullet question....
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Chaos46290348/26 10:38PM
How would you rate my English based on my topics that you've seen? (Poll)Full Throttle48/26 10:37PM
Jack White live tonight.DirtBasedSoap78/26 10:32PM
Guys, I figured out how to talk to girls!Ogurisama28/26 10:31PM