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I don't really care for vore.WastelandCowboy12/1 10:02AM
How can youtube get away with hosting free music online?The_Sexorcist32/1 9:59AM
Metal Gear Rising 2 confirmed.
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MechaKirby232/1 9:57AM
I'm seriously considering getting a Wii U. These are the games I would get:
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green dragon162/1 9:50AM
I feel like I don't get what id was going for with Rage...(spoilers!)papercup52/1 9:47AM
Lacuna Coil is coolThe_Sexorcist12/1 9:35AM
Best brand of pudding cups? (Poll)
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brisashi192/1 9:28AM
It's the same exact storm system ffs.
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Judgmenl152/1 9:20AM
So what's the proper gym etiquette for this situation?
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Erik_P172/1 9:00AM
Key & Peele channel Marshawn Lynch & Richard Sherman in mock conference:Far-Queue12/1 8:58AM
The Official SCHMENDRAKE Discussion Topic
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ZiggiStardust242/1 8:42AM
So I played the rather lovely Resi remake... anyone for Dino Crisis remake? Yes?Arctic_Sunrise92/1 8:28AM
Do you think I'm going to get any matches on Tinder? (Poll)knightoffire55102/1 8:16AM
What do this weekend? (Poll)
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DeltaBladeX172/1 8:16AM
What movie should I watch tonight? (Poll)Storrac52/1 8:14AM
Hi, I'm newOmegayar102/1 8:14AM
Do people seriously pour their cereal milk down the drain?
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Super_Thug44452/1 8:11AM
MOD BATTLE!!!! Lan vs QC (Poll)
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Go_Totodile362/1 8:10AM
why is family guy seen as the most popular show currently airing on tv?
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NightMareBunny122/1 8:07AM
Folks it's Sunday again.Judgmenl32/1 8:05AM