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Since cis and trans are bad, we shoul just say Z-sexual and E-sexualBlighboy911/24 12:23PM
Lets talk about me not having any friends / never getting any friends.Judgmenl611/24 12:23PM
Where do you stand on the #BanTheLan campaign?
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Espyon1911/24 12:23PM
CIS is term created by trans so straights and gays don't call themselves normalyourDaddie911/24 12:23PM
my boss confided in me today thatZikten111/24 12:21PM
All of these people playing Smash and nobody playing Pokemon.
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Judgmenl3611/24 12:14PM
Are you cisgendered? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei7811/24 12:14PM
Just found out the dog my cat has been hanging around with has fleas.slacker03150511/24 12:10PM
What's the worst word to use: Oriental, cis, or toon
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Blighboy4711/24 12:04PM
My dad's got a new laptopBNVshark123211/24 12:04PM
Is Birdo a guy or a girl?
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Metro21811/24 12:03PM
Cat / Chat 1: Feline discussion and appreciation topic. Meow are you doing?Doctor Foxx711/24 12:03PM
!!! Star Wars Episode VII teaser is coming this weekCaptain-Trips211/24 12:01PM
Hey can one of you LP this game and put it on YouTube or the internet/whatever?
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Milleyd3511/24 11:59AM
How good is Man of Steel? (Poll)
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chaosbowser2311/24 11:52AM
good virus removal software?Ao_Ryuu54311/24 11:51AM
The new Epic Rap Battle is pretty good.GanonsSpirit311/24 11:51AM
WAKE UP! Miss Toadstool, it is I, your one and only king, Bowser Koopa.GanonsSpirit311/24 11:48AM
Rate that TV Show | Day 599| The Sopranos (Poll)Slayer7861311/24 11:47AM
Official Dragon Age: Inquisition Topic (All systems)
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EvilMegas8111/24 11:46AM