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America sucks, to be perfectly honest
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jedirood274/27 10:51AM
I told my roommate "I would like a girlfriend" and he asked 'Why?'Lokarin14/27 10:51AM
going to Asia in a month. what should I bring back.
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You lose ten dollars every time you eat meat, but gain five for every veggie.
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I still have hope that I'm going to meet a girl who gets me...Solid Sonic54/27 10:49AM
white people f***in love whole foodsNade Duck34/27 10:49AM
The back of my head is remembering some weird art style...Lokarin54/27 10:48AM
I havent completed a single Final fantasy game but I brought FF9 reccently (Poll)RFC2274/27 10:48AM
Rate this Villain Day 415 Jack Spicer (Xiaolin Showdown) (Poll)scubasteve4214/27 10:48AM
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Kingdom Hearts 3 release date confirmed
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Thanks Violet. I'm never going to post in one of your troll bait threads again.
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Dude, how old is Tommen in Game of Thrones?
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PotD Gun Topic Part 3
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Get Crypt of the Necrodancer
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So, why the hell would you use a time machine?TheWorstPoster24/27 10:36AM
Shave your face with some mace in the darkDirtBasedSoap54/27 10:33AM
Death battle day 19: Ultron vs Megatron (Poll)jedirood14/27 10:32AM