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my mouse is the razer naga, and i lost the gripshelIy59/21 9:36PM
It's official! My IP has been banned from GoNintendo!Storrac89/21 9:26PM
Seems I'll be heading back to Scottsdale, my aunts mother just passed away
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Melon_Master139/21 9:20PM
I have severe confidence issues. I think I know a way to fix it.
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BNVshark123219/21 9:13PM
The rest of this year is going to be awesome for my gaming pleasure.Judgmenl79/21 9:06PM
Now that I have a dog, I care about every dog in every piece of fiction.
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Storrac129/21 9:06PM
should I get Dragon's Dogma?
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Botnus912249/21 9:03PM
Remember when Bulletwaster shot his pet raccoon for snarling at him?WastelandCowboy39/21 9:01PM
Gay groups are horrified as marriage equality backfires.
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Lobomoon259/21 9:00PM
what what in the buttJen012579/21 9:00PM
I always wanted to try a cigar, so a few weeks ago i bought a packargonautweekynd49/21 8:58PM
What if Ao_Ryuu54 is SleepingKing?
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WastelandCowboy209/21 8:56PM
Sports Discussion Topic #102: Off the Field Distractions
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STLCards19911729/21 8:55PM
Corrupt a wish
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ungubby169/21 8:53PM
HM 64 Wife... (Poll)
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JediMutant279/21 8:49PM
Rate the video game INTRO SEQUENCE. Vol. 24 Final Fantasy VIII (PS1) (Poll)
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Blaqthourne129/21 8:43PM
I took my aunt and girlfriend to World of Beers.Dodrio_The_Bird79/21 8:35PM
Yay, I got into the Evolve Alpha.... it's good being a GameStop manager
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quigonzel149/21 8:31PM
Anyone else having problems with amazon? I cant get the checkout button to showTwyliteSprinkle19/21 8:26PM
Something is very wrong RE: my alcohol drinking today... (Closed)
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Milleyd119/21 8:22PM