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is there any logic to this psychological issue or am I just insane?Zikten211/22 9:10AM
If I sent a woman a sweet text message and she responds with...SunWuKung420611/22 9:09AM
What's more annoying, No Internet at all or just a really slow Internet? (Poll)LeetCheet311/22 9:07AM
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Would you rather date (long relationship) a really hot girl or a just-cute one?
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davf1353211/22 9:06AM
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why is universal health care so bad?Muscles_420411/22 9:06AM
Hi Barbie. Hi Ken! Do you wanna go for a ride? Sure Ken! Jump in
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Melon_Master2611/22 9:05AM
***PotD Super Smash Brothers U Tournament Topic ! Participant Entry Edition! ***
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chaosbowser1611/22 9:04AM
Xbox bias.
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ReggieBush093411/22 8:58AM
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BNVshark1232411/22 8:56AM
The Lord of the RIngs is the best book ever. Do you agree?
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The_Sexorcist4411/22 8:54AM
Recommend me an anime (preferably one on Netflix)Super_Thug44411/22 8:51AM
Hey, Balor wrote the Top 10 list!
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HeroofDark1911/22 8:39AM
When I someday become President, I will force NASA to do a manned Solar landing
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WhatPoll1311/22 8:35AM
Why does the US have so many school shootings?
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Metro29311/22 8:27AM
we need to change how mental illness is judged in this countryZikten311/22 8:26AM
So when you pre-order an item you will not get shop points on Amazon but ...Chenmaster2111/22 8:26AM
I swear my mother is high on some s*** when she texts meBNVshark123511/22 8:24AM