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Seems I'll be heading back to Scottsdale, my aunts mother just passed awayMelon_Master89/20 12:35PM
Does anyone else get random bouts of sadness and frustration for no reason?
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VioletZer0159/20 12:28PM
So this new Popeye movie actually looks good.ESP Samus29/20 12:28PM
Is Dragonball GT considered canon with the rest of the Dragonball? *SPOILERS*Dmess85109/20 12:25PM
I have a Steam copy of the upcoming Gauntlet game. (Closed)
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SIvIart_USMC239/20 12:11PM
Perfect example of one of the numerous double standards men face every day.
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Buddha1187219/20 12:11PM
How come no one is talking about MGSV: The Phantom Pain TGS Demo?
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pipebomb__sushi339/20 11:38AM
Guess what song I'm singing? (Poll)knightoffire5519/20 11:17AM
I cannot find anything to enjoy.
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Judgmenl139/20 10:42AM
Blunt the knives and bend the forks!WastelandCowboy29/20 10:14AM
Tales of Vesperia is $5 on XBL!
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MechaKirby169/20 10:05AM
Today was my first day working at a real paying job type job. I made pizza. :]
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Gamechamp3k299/20 9:53AM
So I just learned I became a Grand Uncle at the ripe old age of...pionear109/20 9:52AM
Question for single people living alone
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DeltaBladeX519/20 9:26AM
iPhone 6 dropped by kid after launch
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diebuster2469/20 8:48AM
well someone swear at me for being sold out of iphones
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Ogurisama129/20 8:45AM
Oh hey. Wasteland 2 is out? Anyone play it?Far-Queue109/20 8:26AM
So I just found out that my mobile syncs my internet history to PCs I log inLootman109/20 8:09AM
would you wear this watch
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argonautweekynd209/20 7:59AM
this seem like a bad ideaSHADOW010669/20 7:07AM