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This ia really the end of summer.Mr_melodramatic78/22 4:11AM
The only good ALS ice bucket challenge
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Ultima_Dragoon148/22 4:08AM
I have never spend a cent on Origin, how is my collection?DeltaBladeX108/22 4:03AM
Does the "Quarter and String Trick" work on vending machines?JamaalCharles39108/22 4:02AM
So how's your holiday 2014 game purchases looking?SageRamirez78/22 3:55AM
being a gamer and living in a rural area is weird.....
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NightMareBunny198/22 3:44AM
Fat people in relationships
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Metro2168/22 3:42AM
So, uh.... The Duck Dynasty cookies are actually really, really goodKrow_Incarnate88/22 3:34AM
I met a PotDer today (Remember Double Dipper? :> )
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IAmNowGone248/22 3:30AM
Are JRPG's, especially TBJRPG's, dying out? (Poll)
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Unbridled9718/22 3:29AM
Ryu Hayabusa VS. Kratos (Poll)
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MallyPureSmooth298/22 3:25AM
power ranger are yet to face there greatest foe the cookie monsterBlazeAndBlade48/22 3:23AM
Chinese Man dresses up as a Final Fantasy Character and proposes to his g/f... (Poll)
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Full Throttle148/22 3:15AM
Replaying Ghost Trick is letting me see all the hidden references to my identityDeltaBladeX48/22 3:12AM
A stuffed animal, dog with tattoos, ninja robber, a vampire, an astronaut...Milleyd28/22 3:12AM
REAL Poll of the Day - Your Worst/Dumbest Password
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KOReldor118/22 3:09AM
Got my Vita today :D
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Raganork10418/22 3:09AM
Apparently feminism used to stand for being proud of being a woman...acesxhigh78/22 2:46AM
Five Nights at Freddy's is scary. :(papercup68/22 2:35AM
I'm lost in campusBNVshark12378/22 2:35AM