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bill burr is funny as hellrgonautweekend74/27 4:55PM
Oh man, that fight last night was so incredibly satisfying. Henderson vs. Thatch
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Troll_Police_264/27 4:55PM
I think my friend just killed himself
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deadpigs101694/27 4:45PM
fifty secondsHenryKissiger14/27 4:42PM
I'm dissecting a pig in biology next weekJamaalCharles3984/27 4:40PM
21st birthdays are awesome because all your old friends be like...shadowSEXil74/27 4:36PM
This atheist rant is hilarious
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JanwayDaahl1404/27 4:28PM
i found a glitch/exploit in a mobile gameOgurisama34/27 4:25PM
Dude, how old is Tommen in Game of Thrones?
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HeroofDark254/27 4:21PM
I made a new drawing.
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Pus_N_Pecans124/27 4:18PM
This Reddit User quit their Job...Look at the Scathing Letter they wrote!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle94/27 4:13PM
RARE exclusive footage of PotD's LanHikari10 being useful for once...Espyon64/27 4:11PM
Moving old hard drives to new computer.That_70s_show64/27 4:09PM
Re: America sucks topicNade Duck44/27 3:54PM
ATTN: Kanakiri.Storrac64/27 3:46PM
So, on a scale of 1 to Deliverance... how stereotypical do I look right here?
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BTB454/27 3:42PM
So how do you feel about this whole 'Global Warming' thing?KainReaver10994/27 3:42PM
cabn ik get shekels mailed to me?TitanStrike94/27 3:41PM
I'm nearing the end of Bloodborne on NG+.Dynalo94/27 3:41PM
Greatest Game Ever - Round 1: Match 25: Symphony of the Night vs. Vagrant Story (Poll)
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quigonzel164/27 3:37PM