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America you did, you got ChangeSt_Kevin15/24 8:32AM
Look at what this Black Family in New York received in the MAIL!!! (Poll)
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Los Angeles To Have $15 Minimum Wage In 2020!
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aDirtyShisno215/24 8:30AM
Think they'll have Man-Bat in Arkham Knight? I suggested it years ago for City..culture_den45/24 8:29AM
Best world in Super Mario Bros 3 (Poll)
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Ogurisama175/24 8:29AM
Let's all hope tonight's Game of Thrones ep is better than last weeks....Captain-Trips65/24 8:28AM
You manchildren could learn a lot from ArtistScientistZiggiStardust55/24 8:28AM
I just saw someone post a Boshinator pic on tumblr.
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Kanakiri165/24 8:25AM
Playing some Final Fantasy VII.
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ITT: combine two PotDers and describe their new personality
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Beep Bep.
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Let's try this again: Last post in this topic is my sig for a week. I won't bump
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I kinda want da sex with a really mucular girl
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Lokarin415/24 8:22AM
Can an atheist man date a christian woman?
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ChibiUSA235/24 8:20AM
Angry racists at it again over black movie cast member. this time Fantastic four
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Ryan-06265/24 8:08AM
John Nash, inspiration for ' A Beautiful Mind", killed in car crash.Far-Queue15/24 8:08AM
The f***ing coolest animal ever series - Day 15 - The Antlion! (Poll)Zeus75/24 8:05AM
Do you agree with same sex marriage?
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tiago92265/24 8:00AM
I miss Arctic. Anyone know when/if he's coming back?HeroofDark105/24 7:53AM
I make a living through a government grant to look for space aliens. AMA.ArtistScientist65/24 7:51AM