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Welp, Craig Ferguson is no longer the host of The Late Late Show.GanonsSpirit412/20 12:18AM
I wish I could play every game on my Wii U gamepadMICHALECOLE712/20 12:11AM
Really weird Japanese song I found o_O
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Junpeiclover1512/20 12:08AM
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Kim Jong-un DyesOgurisama212/19 11:57PM
wtf is a smithereen?argonautweekynd812/19 11:51PM
Sly 2 and 3 and Jak 2 and 3 have aged poorly.
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raymanfan13412/19 11:50PM
Should a troll get a Wii U for Christmas? (Poll)knightoffire55612/19 11:48PM
I Had a Highly Depressing Interaction With my Siblings...JediMutant1012/19 11:48PM
2014 Game of the Year (Poll)
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knightoffire551312/19 11:44PM
Check out this video of Notch's $70 million houseMetro2912/19 11:41PM
Your 2014 Game of the Year topic (now with less polls!)raymanfan1812/19 11:36PM
chewy plays Zelda II
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bachewychomp2712/19 11:33PM
How many tiger push-ups can you do?Sarcasthma1012/19 11:28PM
Dark Souls is the closest thing i want to a roguelike
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Chef_Excellence2512/19 11:23PM
*fp* Convicted Wall Street trader sues customer who turned him in!WhiskeyDisk412/19 11:23PM
Obama says it was a mistake for Sony to cancel the Interview
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Metro22512/19 11:15PM
Its pretty f****** amazing how there are TWO sonic games worse than Sonic 06
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PowerOats2012/19 11:06PM
Tonight was my company's holiday dinner.SunWuKung420512/19 11:00PM