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This gif never gets old for me.
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keyblader19851211/25 11:00PM
This Teen White Girl posts racist tweet on Ferguson saying Go back to Africa!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1711/25 11:00PM
its getting mild in tiny chatLootman111/25 10:55PM
I'm not feeling good. AMA as a distraction (Poll)
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Lokarin1511/25 10:54PM
Jesus, it pisses me off that all of my "friend" at my hometownBNVshark123111/25 10:51PM
who is your dragon age waifu
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miczz2711/25 10:46PM
Finished reading A Farewell To Arms last nightBBalla10111/25 10:45PM
What would your reaction be if Cooking Mama was announced for Smash Bros?
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quigonzel1511/25 10:45PM
It's cheaper to rent a Uhaul than a motel roomWaterImp511/25 10:42PM
So, looks like the Bubonic Plague is back.Super_Thug44511/25 10:42PM
Batman VS Darth Vader fight (video)Metro2411/25 10:41PM
Rate that TV Show | Day 601| The Twilight Zone (Poll)Slayer7861311/25 10:39PM
New amazing Arkham Knight footage! But Batman is killing people now!? :O Booo
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BushidoEffect31511/25 10:38PM
Wait ^_^ I have an idea for helping ease black/white race issues of the USA...
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Ryan-061411/25 10:37PM
Are you excited about Jurassic World? (Poll)
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knightoffire552511/25 10:36PM
Which Amiibo should I get?
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Melon_Master9911/25 10:32PM
I am proud to be of the userbase that voted for the fifth option.
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EclairReturns1911/25 10:30PM
A Wacko White Driver runs down Ferguson Protesters on Tuesday!! (Poll)Full Throttle511/25 10:30PM
This 21 y/o Rich White Kid says he was Robbed and he Deserved it!..Is he right?? (Poll)Full Throttle1011/25 10:29PM
This 29 y/o White American Girl helped recruit ISIS members! Would u execute her (Poll)
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Full Throttle2211/25 10:29PM