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I guess I must not understand the IA rules because I thought this was moddableAntiProposal29/2 9:01PM
Rate the video game intro. Vol. 7 Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (Poll)Blaqthourne19/2 8:59PM
If terror groups grow in power, will USA go down?Ryan-0679/2 8:58PM
there are so many hot guys in my calc 3 classKingmichael1337109/2 8:57PM
Rate my build
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DC or Marvel? (Poll)noble banana79/2 8:53PM
I am officially in my own apartment.
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I was suppose to call a girl tonight but...
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Still happy being single
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Sports Discussion Topic #101: To Pedro Strop's ports or depot
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A Sublime 5-Pack came out (Poll)AllstarSniper3249/2 8:33PM
I don't know if I should go to grad school or not.
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ISIS posts apology to its users for releasing American Beheading early... (Poll)Full Throttle49/2 8:18PM
My dad and grandma are convinced ebola is the start of the book of revelations.
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You ever read something you wrote and think "Holy s***, I did that."
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My butt was clenchedAwesomeTurtwig109/2 8:10PM
I just beat my first play through of Dark Souls 2. *Spoilers*Xfma10029/2 8:07PM
Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright is pretty funRaganork1059/2 8:04PM
Carlos Slim says we should have a 12 hours for 3 day work week (Poll)
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This Military Vet lost his facial hair from a Bomb..Now he's got new ones..But.. (Poll)Full Throttle109/2 8:02PM