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So, why would Hamburglar want to steal cheap hamburgers?TheWorstPoster22/27 6:16PM
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If you could be paid to play video games for the rest of your life, would you? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn282/27 6:15PM
i like flobotshelIy42/27 6:15PM
Y'all say I have bad taste in games. So recommend me one.
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Dynalo262/27 6:15PM
My wife is bringing home five guysbrisashi12/27 6:15PM
My sorta sister in law is about to have her baby, I REALLY hope it's not blackYOLO_SwagItOut62/27 6:14PM
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Rate the PotDer - Day Twenty-Eight: Judgmenl (Poll)
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Leonard Nimoy passes away at 83
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Rate that TV Show ~ Day 678 ~ Stargate SG-1 (Poll)Slayer52/27 6:08PM
ATTN whoever suspended JanwayDaahl:
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Xade76192/27 6:08PM
Which Hotel Brand do you love? (Or familiar with)?? (Poll)Junpeiclover92/27 6:08PM
Which of the three greatest directors alive is you favorite? (Poll)
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Most attractive out of all Walking Dead girls? (Poll)Halomaster0382/27 6:06PM
I've worked at an animal shelter for 1.5 years now. AMAA
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Doctor Foxx862/27 6:02PM
It's perplexing how popular pick-up trucks are in America.
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CyborgSage00x0272/27 6:00PM