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Father Kills his Daughter's boyfriend because he thought he was an Intruder!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle279/19 7:56AM
This 25 y/o Catholic Teacher was fired for beating Gay Couple. Was This Fair?? (Poll)Full Throttle109/19 7:56AM
I don't like how swear words aren't flagged as misspelled in Firefox...Solid Sonic59/19 7:56AM
The scientist lady from Robocop was hot as hell!lihlih79/19 7:55AM
Favorite Fighting games in the last 5 years?ZiggiStardust19/19 7:55AM
How is Pot-D doing today?Judgmenl79/19 7:53AM
How do you break a game disc?
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n64fan1129/19 7:52AM
I think I'm trans
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N805649/19 7:51AM
Stephen Bean Episode 5: No Time Left. (Birthday Edition)
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Kimbos_Egg3259/19 7:51AM
Which Saints Row games are good/worth playing?
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raymanfan1209/19 7:51AM
I may have accidentally guilt tripped a friend into inviting me to his weddingInfestedAdam59/19 7:50AM
Death penalty is not right! Murderers have the right to get away with murder
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NovicePro379/19 7:49AM
My character from Destiny looks like a terrorist.ZiggiStardust29/19 7:47AM
Could you point me toward games with great asses?
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ec11929169/19 7:43AM
Explain why Naruto is good?Ryan-06109/19 7:42AM
Come with me on an emotional feel trip!FellWolf39/19 7:41AM
But I love to troll
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ArctheLad13129/19 7:38AM
Effects needing to use the bathroom has on your dreams.FellWolf39/19 7:37AM
Choose your method of death (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY239/19 7:35AM
Square-Enix announced new Cloud based gaming service called Shinra Technologies.Final Fantasy238959/19 7:35AM