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I need to buy a cheesecake. I can't decide. Help me? (Poll)
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Bugmeat1211/27 8:52PM
Why did Admiral Ozzel get choked?knightoffire55111/27 8:50PM
White People asked to march in the back during Michael Brown Protest in Canada!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle2611/27 8:50PM
!!! Star Wars Episode VII teaser is coming this weekCaptain-Trips411/27 8:50PM
Did you know that Lightning Returns is a good game? (Poll)knightoffire55511/27 8:49PM
Why is that in the Rugrats UniverseWhatPoll711/27 8:49PM
I'm from an alternate universe. AMAknightoffire55711/27 8:48PM
Did you know that Americans celebrate thanksgiving when the Indians were Killed? (Poll)Full Throttle211/27 8:46PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 44 80's Hits 4 (final original Rocksmith poll) (Poll)
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AllstarSniper322111/27 8:42PM
It's Thanksgiving.. Everyone's here and my aunts drinking and hitting on me.
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Melon_Master3311/27 8:40PM
Who here believes that skinny is automatically healthier than overweight?
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VioletZer02511/27 8:37PM
Finished reading A Farewell To Arms last night
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BBalla101111/27 8:34PM
why are the black friday deals on video games this year so horrible?
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NightMareBunny1411/27 8:34PM
Should I start Skyward Sword over or just keep going?Lokarin911/27 8:32PM
Was Officer Darren Wilson justified in shooting Michael Brown? (Poll)
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CiIantro1911/27 8:31PM
I love anime
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grape_purple2911/27 8:26PM
Celebrated Thanksgiving in Colombia tonight.Zora_Prince411/27 8:26PM
some peoples gamefaqs names turn me onLootman811/27 8:26PM
How old do you think is the youngest American president-to-be? (Poll)KJ StErOiDs211/27 8:25PM
F*** negotiating a gym membership. Holy hell it's ridiculous.
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Dynalo1111/27 8:24PM