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World's most clickbaity topic?? What the mods don't want you to know!Chef_Excellence12/1 5:47PM
Woman who destroyed Satanic display says charges against her an attack on Christ (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link92/1 5:47PM
The New 3DS is releasing on Friday the 13thOmegayar82/1 5:47PM
ATLUS and NIS are the cancer killing JRPGs (Poll)
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JoanOfArcade402/1 5:44PM
Favorite metal sub-genre (Poll)
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The_Sexorcist252/1 5:44PM
there's just something weird with the camera/aiming in the borderlands gameshelIy62/1 5:44PM
anyone got Dying Light on steam?DaltonM12/1 5:44PM
I'm assuming the Patriots are winning.
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Judgmenl232/1 5:42PM
If NFL Super Bowl XLIX ends in a tie, I'll close my account.
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WastelandCowboy122/1 5:42PM
I'm just here so I won't get fined.Kanakiri72/1 5:42PM
Does anyone remember that Nicolas Cage website?FellWolf32/1 5:40PM
Just got finished playing laser tag. God, I love this game.
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keyblader1985112/1 5:37PM
Katy Perry's microphone for Firework has a wiimote strap on it.Final Fantasy238932/1 5:36PM
Katy Perry ain't hot.
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Stupid Pirate Guy162/1 5:33PM
I may buy this car... should I???Junpeiclover72/1 5:32PM
Sports Discussion Topic #110: The Deflated Edition
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Walter White!Erik_P22/1 5:30PM
The SImpsons is the greatest children's comedy show ever
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The_Sexorcist112/1 5:30PM
Post music I should listen to while I do my homework.Mr_melodramatic62/1 5:29PM
ITT: I draw paint pictures of you...
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Mehere652/1 5:25PM