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So I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron yesterday (No spoilers)ESMWjot24/26 2:03AM
What's the best value I can get for this gaming package I wanna sell?FatalAccident44/26 1:48AM
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To arms! (Poll)WastelandCowboy74/26 1:07AM
Man apparently they suspended a bunch of my accounts.
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DukeRaoul23374/26 12:42AM
do you like Country Music?
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Ryan-06494/25 11:44PM
I miss the days when PrincessMagical didn't only talk about God and Jesus.
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WastelandCowboy274/25 11:24PM
Any suggestion for a prize for my contest next month?RayKnight54/25 11:12PM
Is it possible for Person A to be smarter than Person B?
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JaH Reborn214/25 11:09PM
What went wrong America?
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Miroku_of_Nite1144/25 11:00PM
Nothing gets the adrenaline going like a 200cc race.Kanakiri74/25 10:49PM
So, is Etrian Mystery Dungeon worth it?Death_Of_Effie44/25 10:38PM
I've been talking to my ex on the phone for an hourBNVshark12374/25 10:38PM
aint got no cheese up in this b****rgonautweekend44/25 10:36PM
Greatest Game Ever - Round 1: Match 24: Warcraft 3 vs. Zelda: Wind Waker (Poll)
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quigonzel114/25 10:28PM
I can't deal with five nights...Lokarin74/25 9:52PM
Is it true that we cannot know the truth of the news people report everyday?EclairReturns84/25 9:51PM
No matter how many times I watch Gladiator, I always get teary-eyed at the end.WastelandCowboy24/25 9:18PM
ATTENTION POTD. i can't play with you as much anymore...(sad face)
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ZiggiStardust254/25 9:05PM
Do you recognize the above poster? Part 2
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Ogurisama2264/25 9:02PM