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the song "i want candy" is about sex, right?ZiggiStardust13/31 12:04PM
I've decided I want to go sky diving
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Erik_P113/31 12:03PM
Obligatory thread to annoy Storrac.VioletZer0103/31 12:03PM
Your reaction: That's So Raven is a world in KH3BNVshark12323/31 12:03PM
Why is everything "In due time"?cheesecake4lyfe33/31 12:03PM
What are your favorite fictional curse words?
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InfestedAdam233/31 12:02PM
What WiiU game should I get next?lihlih73/31 12:01PM
Man, Ubisoft is really running Assassin's Creed into the ground.Terminonatator63/31 12:01PM
Adding a Poll Option to A New TopicSusanGreenEyes13/31 12:00PM
Doing a Scientific Journal need some help between Dependent/Independent variabledeadpigs10113/31 11:59AM
Its been a while since my last consensual cannibalism topic so here's a new one.
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kmerchandise113/31 11:58AM
Craziest Hack-and-Slash series? (Poll)FinalXemnas53/31 11:54AM
Is the poster below you going to be a troll?
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ObligatoryFate163/31 11:53AM
Had my first Four Loko today.IceDragon7713/31 11:51AM
If batman doesn't kill, how can he justify eating meat?BirdsOfPray103/31 11:47AM
Huh... So my female coworker is a lesbian.
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LeetCheet133/31 11:46AM
Nominations for the Greatest Game Ever: Topic IV - The Final Cuts
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quigonzel203/31 11:44AM
Isn't a "higher power" more reasonable than none?
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Q_Sensei233/31 11:44AM
Oh hey. You can play Pac-Man on Google Maps.Far-Queue43/31 11:41AM
I don't understand why people are voting for a 15 year old Zelda game for GOTY.rodman87013/31 11:40AM