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I'm replaying Final Fantasy 6, get in here if you want a character!
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Melon_Master2288/29 8:41PM
Holy hell, Adam Sandler is bad, but I didn't know he got this bad.
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That_70s_show248/29 8:40PM
What would you think of older teenagers dating people 4-3 years younger?
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jamieyello3308/29 8:37PM
Rate this Villain Day 203 Ebon (Poll)scubasteve4248/29 8:36PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 205 Zorro (Poll)scubasteve4248/29 8:35PM
Christmas supplies spotted at Costco.Chef_Excellence28/29 8:34PM
This Girl ran after a Dog that got on the train tracks..but it ran over them :/ (Poll)
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Full Throttle118/29 8:30PM
COD fanbase in nutshell- do you feel this is true?
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BushidoEffect3178/29 8:20PM
Why do Russians like aggressive authoritarian leaders so much?
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MrArmageddon8278/29 8:14PM
I'm level 20 y'allAo_Ryuu5468/29 8:13PM
Nethlek, Redgormor, Ulyaoth, Pargon..
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Kimbos_Egg138/29 8:12PM
I really hate when people warn others of a DUI checkpoint on facebook.MasterSword54668/29 8:06PM
Halo 4 TU and achievement hunt tomorrow night!ObligatoryFate18/29 8:06PM
I think I am done with consoles to be honest.VioletZer0108/29 8:05PM
Don't know if you gys know, but FOnline is coming out in a few days. (Closed)WastelandCowboy28/29 8:04PM
3spooky5meAwesomeTurtwig18/29 8:02PM
C/D: Rock and roll never forgets.WastelandCowboy48/29 8:02PM
A Dream Dispensing Dromedary offers you one of 9 super powers... (Poll)Q_Sensei58/29 8:00PM
I pre-ordered all 12 amiibos.pipebomb__sushi68/29 7:55PM
I'm getting tired of logging into all of these accounts.
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DumbGimmickName248/29 7:43PM