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Which of the three greatest directors alive is you favorite? (Poll)
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I wish the Zune would make a come backHussien102/27 5:58PM
A Papa Roach 3-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32132/27 5:50PM
Why do parents need to be emotionally suffocating and hindering their kids lifeAC_Dragonfire22/27 5:40PM
GameTok with Lok: Rainbow PuddingLokarin82/27 5:32PM
If gaming gave you a 50% risk of developing brain cancer
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That PC Wind Waker clone is now listed in the Steam store, release in two weeks
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Holy Moly
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silentdreams04182/27 5:20PM
I have finally started watching House of Cards.SpeeDLeemon62/27 5:04PM
Anyone know all the real secrets of Zelda 2?Lokarin22/27 5:02PM
What the hell! Still cant sign up for online banking.Yopster22/27 4:53PM
Can we talk about how attractive Elizabeth Olsen is?
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WaterImp342/27 4:45PM
What do you guys think of KeaneArctheLad1342/27 4:20PM
Do you think Metal_Gear_Link exists? (Poll)Unbridled982/27 4:14PM
White and Gold master race.
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GunslingerGunsl342/27 4:10PM
Why do people call it head transplant instead of body transplantyourDaddie42/27 4:09PM
what do you think Frieza as a good guy would have been like?Zikten72/27 4:04PM
House of Cards season 3 discussionJanwayDaahl22/27 3:58PM
Monster Hunter 4 Hype Topic
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Did you know Boyhood took 12 years to make?
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