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Come join me in my tinychat for a while!
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AllstarSniper32254/18 10:50PM
I watched Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting for the first time today.MasterSword54644/18 10:48PM
So I guess once you've done bad you'll always be a bad person
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cheesecake4lyfe404/18 10:47PM
When you think of "All-American Guy" Do you think of a White Guy? (Poll)Full Throttle94/18 10:45PM
I'll have two numbuh nines, a numbuh nine large,Miroku_of_Nite1104/18 10:45PM
100,000 galaxies surveyed for alien life. None found.
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papercup404/18 10:43PM
looks like every star wars character gets a comic book now....
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NightMareBunny164/18 10:40PM
How would you rate the Gamefaqs board "Current Events?"McSame_as_Bush104/18 10:29PM
C/D There is alien life in the universe (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY274/18 10:26PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 724 ~ Band of Brothers (Poll)Slayer24/18 10:19PM
Do you like beer? (Poll)
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JokePoster294/18 10:17PM
When are we going to get nostalgia games based on the PS1 era?VioletZer084/18 9:58PM
animes where the dub is better tahn sub
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magemaximus854/18 9:58PM
Best Steven Segal movies, go!Lokarin84/18 9:56PM
What does PotD think of the FX show "Louie"?Captain-Trips94/18 9:50PM
Definition of SJW.
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Storrac144/18 9:48PM
Anyone know if the physical PC version of GTA V registers on Steam?
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Judgmenl144/18 9:44PM
15 years later, the Shishio storyarc of Kenshin is still one of the most perfectquigonzel44/18 9:44PM
The sexiest or manliest instrument someone can play?
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RayKnight154/18 9:39PM
Mario freaks me outTheWorstPoster14/18 9:26PM