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I'm twenty and I have nothing to do with my life.
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EclairReturns359/28 8:15PM
You get when you want something but you don't know what you want?Lokarin59/28 8:04PM
When does being an adult stop feeling fake?
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daftalive08489/28 7:58PM
Man I wanna get a new watch but i dunno what to getargonautweekynd69/28 7:58PM
Let me tell you the tragic story of how I lost 30 Pikmin in one day (spoilers)GanonsSpirit99/28 7:44PM
Gather around, for the Tale of Sid Meier the ExpelledGastroid19/28 7:42PM
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nintendo commercialBotnus91249/28 7:27PM
Top 15 animals you are glad are extinct.Dan042969/28 7:20PM
Should Nintendo go third party? Yes
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VioletZer0219/28 7:15PM
So Playstation Home is shutting down.
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Zareth149/28 7:06PM
Driveclub Graphics have gamers over the moon on how awesome it looks..Is it?? (Poll)Full Throttle79/28 7:01PM
Daily Show on the Washington Redskins 9/25. Great piece. Video link inside.
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Doctor Foxx429/28 6:58PM
This topicWhatPoll19/28 6:58PM
I've actually been enjoying the Simpsons/Family Guy crossoverquigonzel19/28 6:53PM
Besides pizza, is there anything I can order that will deliver to my apartment?
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Mr_melodramatic299/28 6:50PM
Which Buffy episode have you seen the most times? (Poll)Captain-Trips79/28 6:47PM
Here's my Halloween decorations.urmomishawt0479/28 6:46PM
Americans post pictures of Dead ISIS soldiers on Twitter in retaliation...Does (Poll)
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Full Throttle289/28 6:42PM
I'm slowly going to start channeling my inner frat boy
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BNVshark123249/28 6:40PM
That one teacherKaushad39/28 6:35PM