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Weird Al's new album Mandatory Fun is out today with a new video out every day
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newsuperdude407/21 11:46PM
What the.. In my Xbox 360 DL History there's Content Not Available
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Melon_Master187/21 11:46PM
I'm better at _________ than any other PotDer
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Sarcasthma997/21 11:45PM
what do i play, potd?HellHole_107/21 11:39PM
Matzah, Matzo, or Matza which do you prefer?ImmortalityV27/21 11:36PM
Haha, this is awesome.dragon50447/21 11:34PM
what do you think of the people that work so much they have no life outside it?NightMareBunny47/21 11:30PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 26 Funk Hits (Poll)AllstarSniper3257/21 11:26PM
You will never be a professional gamer.
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Metro2127/21 11:18PM
Movies just came in, what to watch first? (Poll)
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Kaushad117/21 11:18PM
I have a bridge to sell youWhatPoll17/21 10:57PM
How does Epona's Song go again?Gamechamp3k37/21 10:55PM
Best frustrating game comfort food? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei137/21 10:43PM
Official Poll of the Day Book Club Book Poll #2! COME VOTE FOR OUR NEXT BOOK! (Poll)Storrac87/21 10:37PM
Calgary people with Shaw InternetOgurisama37/21 10:33PM
I finally got around to beating Child of LightBoogieonover17/21 10:14PM
How notable is your username?T-dus67/21 10:14PM
It was my birthday yesterday (the 20th), got a DreamCast. Anything noteworthy?
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CubeTV307/21 9:59PM
Anyone wanna have a PAYDAY or PAYDAY 2 weekend?
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Lokarin177/21 9:58PM
REAL Poll of the Day - Why take time off? (Closed)
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KOReldor117/21 9:49PM