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Tomorrow's newest fad that is "cool" to do is bite your fingers off
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TheWorstPoster133/30 12:45PM
A guy handed me a flyer about "The truth that men & dinosaurs coexistedpapercup63/30 12:41PM
i bought some "hiking shoes" for three bucks.argonautweekynd63/30 12:40PM
This 7 y/o Girl was told she was FAT!! Is she? (Poll)
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Full Throttle213/30 12:19PM
Do Androids Dream of Electric Geeks? (Closed)
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Korruptor233/30 12:06PM
Slowpoke use yawn!Ogurisama13/30 11:58AM
The Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Closed Beta starts 1 day before April 1st. (Poll)DarkKirby250013/30 11:50AM
Is Shakira a Muslim?The_Sexorcist83/30 11:39AM
Have you ever had a problem with drugs or alcohol? (Poll)
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darcandkharg31423/30 11:35AM
You ever questioned the validity of those sites that claim meme origin?GrimCyclone43/30 11:31AM
Singapore arrests teenager over video critical of Lee Kuan YewMetro273/30 11:25AM
Okay try and in something more unintentionally funny than this from a game..Kimbos_Egg23/30 11:25AM
I heard the smartest thing recently in regards to vegetarianism/veganism
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VioletZer0253/30 11:07AM
Rate that TV Show | Day 705 | Talking Dead (Poll)Slayer23/30 11:06AM
Pro-Gay Dad who yelled at Chick-Fil-A Worker for being Anti-Gay is FIRED!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle363/30 11:05AM
Should I shame my friend for cheating in Bloodborne? (Poll)
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ZiggiStardust143/30 11:04AM
Is it racist to call someone "gay" yet? (Poll)
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QuesoBlanco163/30 11:00AM
ATTN: Nade Duck
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Milleyd163/30 10:57AM
Great week for PSN releases (Axiom Verge!!!) :D
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Far-Queue143/30 10:48AM
My birthday's in a couple weeks. What the hell do I want?Judgmenl83/30 10:47AM