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How do people say they enjoy coffee so much?
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FluorescentVoid187/31 7:43AM
I'm really not trying to sound like a tinfoil hat guy here but hear me out
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FatalAccident227/31 7:42AM
Let's Vote on Controversy! Part 12: ALL THE DRUGS (Poll)Q_Sensei57/31 7:41AM
Is there red mold/slime?Lokarin97/31 7:41AM
ITT we give the above poster a compliment.
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Xfma100397/31 7:41AM
Can anyone rec me a nice telescope?bluPython57/31 7:40AM
Did you like Mario Galaxy or Galaxy 2 more?
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raymanfan1137/31 7:39AM
im so tired i havent sleptlootwoman27/31 7:37AM
i just got wrecked by like 6 scarabs in halo warshelIy67/31 7:37AM
ITT: We give constructive criticism to the above poster.Flutershy17/31 7:36AM
I finally found the adult video I've been searching for for years.Red__XIII97/31 7:33AM
When was your first time see blood in game?
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Gladiant127/31 7:32AM
Excessive Ponies Topic ???+1 - omg waifu~ edition (Poll)
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Nade Duck1707/31 7:31AM
Favorite Zelda (Poll)yourDaddie77/31 7:30AM
Favorite Tales of game (Poll)yourDaddie57/31 7:30AM
I used to have 94 wpmlootwoman97/31 7:28AM
AC means? (Poll)
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Ogurisama387/31 7:25AM
Have you ever thought that we all think of things differently in our mindLootman107/31 7:18AM
Why do Tales iof characters look and act as if they were 10-20 years older?yourDaddie77/31 7:14AM
Can anyone help me find a picture of a woman's thighs with a line in between?
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davf135497/31 7:13AM