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PSN Easter Sale (PAL) - Thoughts on potential purchasesDeltaBladeX24/1 2:27AM
How will Pokemon end? WILL it ever end? spoilers for game and show and movies
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Ay yo Nade, I got my first Nendoroid!
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Do you play games you don't like? (Poll)
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30 mins into Breath of Fire 4, and I'm not really feeling it like I did for BoF3
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April Fool's post should be karma loss. (Poll)
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new store opened up next to where i work
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acesxhigh174/1 12:51AM
work computers changed from ie to firefox todayOgurisama34/1 12:51AM
Greatest Game Ever Nomination Topic V - The Bracket (or) Who Made It In?!
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quigonzel124/1 12:48AM
Poke Floats: Best Smash Bros stage? (Poll)Captain-Trips64/1 12:42AM
So this season of Walking Dead is over and the next won't start until Fall 2015.WastelandCowboy54/1 12:32AM
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Why is it so freakin' hard to talk to people?
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never seen so many polls on the front page at once...WhiskeyDisk34/1 12:09AM
Dark Souls would be better with voxel graphicsLokarin43/31 11:31PM
This Frat Pledge Jumped off a Bridge and Died because he couldn't afford McD's!! (Poll)Full Throttle43/31 11:29PM
How do I get money for nothing and chicks for free?
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Lokarin173/31 11:25PM