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are you the giver or the taker? (Poll)mayu78039/18 3:41PM
Who's the most evil character in Naruto. POSSIBLE SPOILERS (Poll)
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Flutershy299/18 3:39PM
Should people be allowed to freely amupate healthy limbs?Nichtcrawler X99/18 3:18PM
*Pulls up in a windowless van that says free candy*WhatPoll19/18 3:13PM
Potato? (Poll)WhatPoll39/18 3:02PM
so the new ios is 5.4 gb
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Ogurisama259/18 2:57PM
Why is there no Space Noir?Lokarin49/18 2:47PM
This Pokemon Trozei game on the 3ds is amazingJoanOfArcade69/18 2:44PM
What would your reaction be if you were "Suspended" on Gamefaqs? (Poll)
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Full Throttle279/18 2:41PM
This topic tastes like cold eggsWhatPoll39/18 2:33PM
Why do I feel compelled to play Runescape all of a sudden.
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daftalive08169/18 2:27PM
I finally broke down and bought Assassin's Creed 4.
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Dynalo229/18 2:20PM
You guys heard about the Metal Gear Solid 2014 collection?
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DeltaBladeX119/18 2:14PM
Currently drinking surge.
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twa556199/18 2:07PM
Since I'm drinking Surge, any other not typical soda I should try from Amazon?twa55639/18 2:04PM
So, Scotland people - how did you vote? (Poll)
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TerrisUS339/18 2:00PM
Why do people still think Superman is Invulnerable? and only kriptonite hurts hiMetal_Gear_Link39/18 1:57PM
This was crawling on the wall behind my desk at work.
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SunWuKung420139/18 1:54PM
What order should I read the entire Ender's Game series and related books?InfestedAdam39/18 1:33PM
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
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VioletZer0259/18 1:32PM