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lol f***ing Scotland you wasn't gonna do anything anywayFatalAccident89/21 12:59AM
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Guy reports false injuries to the paramedics becuase he was lonely....Krow_Incarnate49/20 11:42PM
most people take their job too seriously
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LemonDestroyer489/20 11:15PM
Let us be happy together!
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Have you ever purposely Killed a Spider after you turned 13 years old or older? (Poll)
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This is a weird message board.GirlyPowah59/20 11:03PM
should a guy that likes fat girls have to hide it from his family and friends? (Poll)
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NightMareBunny379/20 10:44PM
For anyone interested, you can get CyberGhost VPN Special Edition FreeMelon_Master59/20 10:41PM
when mario kart hates you, it really hates you.Nade Duck69/20 10:29PM
What do you think of Stanley Kubrick's religious beliefs? (Closed)Metro229/20 10:28PM
Assassin's Creed movie delayed; Deadpool movie confirmed
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Krow_Incarnate309/20 10:25PM
Help me with thisjamieyello369/20 10:09PM
Is it possible to separate oneself from outside influences?EclairReturns79/20 10:02PM
Recommend a game with some good music (Steam)Lokarin39/20 10:00PM
So where did all the jokes about Ao_Ryuu sleeping with his sister come from?N30Chaos68799/20 9:56PM
Is it bad to dislike a game because it is too complex?
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VioletZer0299/20 9:40PM
this dude thoargonautweekynd89/20 9:40PM
You know that feeling you get when you're about to get sick?Super_Thug4439/20 9:33PM
*Hypnoxes furiously all over the topic*
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