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Futanari. (Poll)WastelandCowboy82/1 6:16PM
If the Patriots win I'm no longer a welcher
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Erik_P202/1 6:16PM
I am going to make a thread on the WoW forums...
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VioletZer0132/1 6:15PM
Is Cowboy Bebop okay for a 14-year old?Terminonatator82/1 6:14PM
I was going to ask something but can't remember what it wasLokarin22/1 6:14PM
The SImpsons is the greatest children's comedy show ever
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The_Sexorcist122/1 6:11PM
Like meatloaf through a straw, so are the days of our lives.Chef_Excellence22/1 6:11PM
there's just something weird with the camera/aiming in the borderlands gameshelIy92/1 6:09PM
If I thought the first Hunger Games movie was ok, are the sequels worth watchingGanonsSpirit92/1 6:08PM
I may buy this car... should I???Junpeiclover82/1 6:08PM
Steak or Burgers? (Poll)
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brisashi262/1 6:07PM
My favorite line from Red Dead Redemption
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spooky96242/1 6:04PM
Would this movie stop you from bullying other people? (Poll)JamaalCharles3982/1 6:04PM
Just got finished playing laser tag. God, I love this game.
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keyblader1985122/1 6:02PM
Critique my youtube videoNessInEagleland32/1 6:02PM
Rate this Villain Day 341 James Norrington (Poll)scubasteve4232/1 6:01PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 343 Elizabeth Swann (Poll)scubasteve4232/1 6:01PM
Star Trek fans, who is your favorite captain? (Poll)
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InfestedAdam312/1 6:01PM
New Heroes show?! Hell yeah I'll watch thatMICHALECOLE32/1 6:00PM
Is Yoshi's Story as bad as it looks?
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JoanOfArcade132/1 6:00PM