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In a several hours, I'll get to hold the love of my life.
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SunWuKung4204412/24 9:20AM
Started watching S-Cry-Do or however that's spelled... (Progressive Spoilers?)Nichtcrawler X512/24 9:19AM
guy literally s***s himself after opening some CS:GO thingZiggiStardust612/24 9:19AM
Are you getting a Christmas Present that is worth $500 or more this year (2014)? (Poll)
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Full Throttle1412/24 9:11AM
I've now taken ultrasound and blood tests(good results) But Im still anxious : /
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LeetCheet2312/24 9:10AM
So I had an issue with my power going out just nowKanakiri112/24 9:10AM
You can write with a pen?Storrac312/24 8:51AM
What do you call this symbol: ! (Poll)
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MetaKirbyFan2712/24 8:49AM
Sports Discussion Topic #106: Tanksgiving Leftovers
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bachewychomp46012/24 8:46AM
TF2 has a new mode where you can get super powers and grappleAwesomeTurtwig212/24 8:39AM
C/D you'll be watching Die Hard on Christmas Eve (Poll)
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scubasteve421512/24 8:37AM
Srarbucks just gave me a free coffee for christmasOgurisama112/24 8:36AM
Making peanut butter marshmallow squares.Dynalo112/24 8:22AM
The conspiracy behind Santa Claus
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WhatPoll2012/24 8:10AM
How long can you honestly see yourself being a gamer?
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WindMouseHanpan2612/24 7:55AM
Guess what.-Kitt-512/24 7:53AM