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John dies at the end (spoilers for the first 2 min. of the movie)SchmensWife18/22 6:21AM
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Does the "Quarter and String Trick" work on vending machines?
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Ryu Hayabusa VS. Kratos (Poll)
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Motorcycle rider crashes into the back of a car and safely flips onto the roof
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I started on the side of Brown and the protesters.
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Fat people in relationships
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Comment your opinion on Nicki Minaj's video/song 'Anaconda'
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I have never spend a cent on Origin, how is my collection?
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Assisted suicide opinions. *possibly offensive*
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This 19 y/o Kid survived TWO plane crashes that killed his whole family in both!Full Throttle68/22 4:43AM
lmfao...did ICOYAR just get Warned for making too many stupid topics?
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being a gamer and living in a rural area is weird.....
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Got my Vita today :D
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Ok, "Queen_Awakening," are you actually Sleeping_King or what?
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LEAST Favorite Paper Mario Partner - Day 12Redmage198788/22 4:26AM
So, uh.... The Duck Dynasty cookies are actually really, really goodKrow_Incarnate88/22 3:34AM