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What will be the Scot. Independance Poll result? (Poll)
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jakezing33159/16 8:34PM
Weird thing about Alice: Madness ReturnsKanakiri39/16 8:33PM
I hate election time!Dan042989/16 8:30PM
Didn't think it was possible, but I just listened to a feminist for 6 minutes,
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dragon504189/16 8:27PM
Are the electrics sections of Walmart open 24/7? I'm just going to get my Wii U
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Melon_Master139/16 8:26PM
What is your favorite European country? (Poll)Ogurisama89/16 8:24PM
Any Blitz Basic programmer know how to add to an already saved .txt file?mike137719/16 8:22PM
I'm strongly considering going over to iOS.
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plasma_kirby123179/16 8:15PM
My food supplies for the rest of the week:AwesomeTurtwig19/16 8:15PM
Anyone here ever do an in-person delivery via ebay or craigslist?Metro239/16 8:13PM
Best Smash Bros game mode? (Poll)Ogurisama29/16 8:10PM
Swimsuit for Girls has Outraged and Disgusted many people!! Are you grossed out? (Poll)
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Full Throttle159/16 8:10PM
I just did a let's play of Five Night's at Freddy's
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AwesomeTurtwig439/16 8:09PM
Is anyone else here into fashion?lui00731119/16 8:07PM
Should Scotland become it's own Country? (Poll)
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St_Kevin239/16 8:06PM
Favorite member of the default 8 of Smash (Poll)
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plasma_kirby123259/16 8:06PM
Rate the video game INTRO SEQUENCE. Vol. 20 MGS2 - Sons of Liberty (PS2) (Poll)
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Blaqthourne129/16 8:05PM
Is it a bad idea to live with/be roommates with friends? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn209/16 7:54PM
So I got myself an adapter to plug into my electrical socket.SophieLuvsTofu79/16 7:52PM
I miss SomeThomas.Storrac99/16 7:50PM