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Why does Nostalgia Critic use extra people in his reviews these days?Metro297/22 1:11PM
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Many people are too awful to keep pets. Don't be one of the idiots. :/
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Doctor Foxx357/22 12:45PM
Dazed, I'm calling you out for the Starcraft 2 match!shadowsword8757/22 12:34PM
I don't get why so many of you hate on all the gimick accounts (Closed)
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Hittler vs Stalin vs Mao vs pot vs Leopold II vs Husein vs Andrew Jackson vs (Poll)
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Drop Bears more likelly to attack turists in Australia than Australian citizensMetal_Gear_Link27/22 12:32PM
Do Fruity Pebbles taste okay with chocolate milk?Milleyd77/22 12:29PM
Gotta love that freedom-envy nonamericans have.bluPython77/22 12:29PM
Two of my school partners are on this diet :/
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wightSea117/22 12:20PM
I just found the most hilarious review on amazonnjkking01107/22 12:12PM
ATTN: People still following MvC3lihlih77/22 12:06PM
Micheal Bay has something to say and that is that he thinks you are....
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TwyliteSprinkle297/22 11:52AM
Is there a cyberpunk story about robots scared about becoming more human?Lokarin27/22 11:39AM
Are you getting the Dark Souls 2 DLC today? (Poll)
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Raganork10227/22 11:39AM
So what if I don't have a female protagonist in my game/story...Zareth97/22 11:39AM
shiny doduo!Nade Duck57/22 11:39AM
How much do yout hinki I can get for this laptop?njkking0137/22 11:29AM
Ellie talks about Ubisoft, Ass Creed and females.
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raymanfan1187/22 11:23AM
Legendary Simpsons Character getting Killed off is Revealed!! **SPOILERS** (Poll)Full Throttle67/22 11:22AM