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Obama's visit to India for Republic Day. So the media here says...spooky9611/23 7:48AM
You know, I've owned Legend of Dragoon for 11 years and never once played it...
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quigonzel171/23 7:44AM
if arv was anyone else that might've been a 3KL
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NinjaGhosts111/23 7:42AM
The best "React: Gaming" video so far.
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SunWuKung420131/23 7:39AM
How long has it been since you had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? (Poll)
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brisashi631/23 7:26AM
Any of you guys have experience with dating coworkers?
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WastelandCowboy201/23 7:24AM
how bad are trojan viruses...?
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RJP_X161/23 7:19AM
Are you getting the Remastered Remake of Resident Evil? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link31/23 7:16AM
Was the last game you played part of a collection or HD remaster? (Poll)
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EclairReturns311/23 7:12AM
Do you own any amoebos yet?
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Violet_Blooded151/23 6:23AM
Remember those free PSN games from 2011? You can get another now
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DeltaBladeX181/23 6:13AM
So Steven Spielberg is adapting Ghost in The Shell.. With Scarlett Johannson!?
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Ryan-06271/23 5:56AM
Have you ever been in a fight? (Poll)
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SkynyrdRocker431/23 5:48AM
Ferrero Rocher vs Ferrero Rafaelo vs Ferrero Rondnoir (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link41/23 5:40AM
I like to sing popular songs to my cat and replace all the words with meowAction5331/23 5:32AM
Tomorrow I'm facing the final obstacle in getting that job, a staff interview.
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DespondentDeity201/23 5:27AM
The George Glass meme has gone too farBNVshark12361/23 5:21AM
I just killed a big spider in my basement that randomly creeped on my wall.Ferarri61931/23 5:13AM
This is the most interesting speed run I have ever seenAwesomeTurtwig61/23 5:01AM
what would you do if Ray Romano was the next guy to play as the joker?NightMareBunny21/23 4:17AM