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Playing Rogue Squadron 2 again....
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VioletZer0139/29 9:43AM
Metal Gear Rising: Revengence on PS3 and 360 only $9 on Amazon.Final Fantasy238939/29 9:37AM
Since Nade is mad and closed his chibi's my drawing of Schmen.
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ZiggiStardust249/29 9:27AM
Man Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated is to good for it own goodernieforss79/29 9:11AM
Why do people not know how to properly connect routers?
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Nichtcrawler X149/29 8:30AM
attn: BTBDazed268489/29 8:26AM
Which of these 4 Girls do you think is the Hottest? (Poll)
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Full Throttle189/29 8:04AM
AMA: I didn't charge my phone all weekend long and it went down to 50%.SunWuKung42079/29 7:40AM
Conservatives poke fun of Chelsea Clinton's this cruel? (Poll)
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Full Throttle169/29 7:29AM
What is the measure of a 'Weeaboo'?
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Unbridled9269/29 6:51AM
Favourite sandwich filling?
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HenryKissiger199/29 6:27AM
leftover tacomeat and rice + cheese, sourcream and guacamole.helIy109/29 6:26AM
Guardians of the Galaxy question *spoilers*Blighboy39/29 4:58AM
My piss as dark as hellBlighboy59/29 3:24AM
Rate my sig /10brown_stuff89/29 2:51AM
How do I reset my volume mixer, so that each program is at the master volumeAwesomeTurtwig59/29 1:37AM
JonTron stream, beating Banjo Kazooie in one godeadpigs10149/29 1:28AM
What is the best stocking stuffer you have ever gotten?BigOlePappy49/29 1:10AM
So I made another Let's Play video
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AwesomeTurtwig239/29 12:34AM
Huge ass pro-democracy protests occurring in Hong Kong right nowMetro259/29 12:06AM