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Holy Crap! does adult swim love king of the hill to the extreme or what?
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NightMareBunny194/19 11:46AM
smh I just found my brother's porn folder.
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xyphilia444/19 11:46AM
what are the best incoming WRPGs?Metal_Gear_Link104/19 11:46AM
someone keep smoking skunkweed in my buildingZikten94/19 11:45AM
The sexiest or manliest instrument someone can play?
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RayKnight254/19 11:44AM
Damn you my internet service is being terminated in November.
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Judgmenl144/19 11:43AM
Japanese games are going too far in terms of fan serviceJunpeiclover84/19 11:43AM
How would you rate the Gamefaqs board "Current Events?"
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McSame_as_Bush164/19 11:42AM
What is your favorite TV show of all time?
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SkynyrdRocker374/19 11:40AM
WOO! Can't stop the train baby!Captain-Trips24/19 11:35AM
Which school should get more money? (Poll)MICHALECOLE94/19 11:33AM
Why is superman so hated?Metal_Gear_Link24/19 11:31AM
How and Why is it that Asian women are consider the most desirable?tissue_paper84/19 11:30AM
So Chloe Grace Moretz is legal now, huh?
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caveman7570274/19 11:28AM
I think I may have found a nice new Android browser.keyblader198564/19 11:27AM
I don't understand people who don't tip at restaurants
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JokePoster234/19 11:26AM
How do you prefer your steak? (Poll)
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InfestedAdam484/19 11:26AM
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice full trailer leaked
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Grendel Prime374/19 11:20AM
10 busses to different conventions are trapped in lava you can only save one (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link154/19 11:20AM
Most anticipated manly geek movie (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link24/19 11:13AM