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You're stuck in a fallout shelter for the rest of your life and can only have... (Poll)
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WastelandCowboy148/28 7:26PM
Which of these (mobile) internet plans you'd rather have?davf13548/28 7:26PM
Best Human Character in Dragon Ball Z (Poll)Ogurisama78/28 7:26PM
omg 4800
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Majin Legacy288/28 7:25PM
Would you date a girl twice your age?
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WhatPoll388/28 7:24PM
Someone get this for meAwesomeTurtwig98/28 7:22PM
He'll enroll you in the school of painGreenfox11118/28 7:22PM
I am going to have to accept sooner or later that I'll be forever alone
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Judgmenl138/28 7:22PM
If a man undergoes a sex change operation and has sex with a man is that gay?TheSlinja58/28 7:18PM
It's time to play "Guess That Sig"!!!quigonzel108/28 7:18PM
Blog, Blog, Girl, Blog, Continued!aDirtyShisno28/28 7:18PM
Anime/Manga/VN/Osu/JRPG/Related Things Discussion Topic XXXIX
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Dynasty Warriors: Looney Tunes, any good? (Poll)
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noble banana118/28 7:17PM
Got another research position! My dream of becoming an astronaut seems closerSirkukukingz558/28 7:17PM
today i started community college
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AmeliaJane16408/28 7:16PM
If a man undergoes human to canine reassessment surgery to mate with a dogquigonzel68/28 7:13PM
So somebody tried to burn down my apartment building today.T0ffee28/28 7:12PM
Choose a swordsman (Poll)
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Ogurisama258/28 7:09PM
If a man has sex with a mermaid (fish tail human upper).Flutershy38/28 7:09PM
Wow, so I never really gave a damn about Alien Ant Farm....Krow_Incarnate68/28 7:08PM