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I'm scared... why the f*** am I so scared?BNVshark123109/15 6:20PM
Pokemon is for kidsSt_Kevin99/15 6:08PM
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is shaping up pretty interestingly. *spoilers*GameGuy77759/15 6:06PM
Does it make you sad that Jennifer Lawrence is dating the d***** from Coldplay? (Poll)
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Nade Duck219/15 6:04PM
Why is Ryan from the OC in Gotham?Viking_Mudcrap69/15 5:59PM
Perpetual motion exists
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Condoms suck
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BBalla10479/15 5:45PM
Just beat Halo 3ArctheLad1329/15 5:42PM
Time/Infinity... Explain This Statement Please???
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FadetooBlack329/15 5:41PM
So I'm trying to come to terms with being ugly.
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Chef_Excellence169/15 5:40PM
So Destiny is very meh from what I gather from friends and reviews...
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papercup619/15 5:35PM
Today was my first day working at a real paying job type job. I made pizza. :]
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Gamechamp3k169/15 5:28PM
Power Rangers reboot film has a release date of 2016.
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Metro2129/15 5:23PM
Reciever is free today on the humble store.brisashi59/15 5:11PM
Angry Joe topic.knightoffire5579/15 4:59PM
Movies about Christian mythology and stories should be made by non-Christians.
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VioletZer0189/15 4:44PM
What do you think of when you see this phrase?Flutershy69/15 4:40PM
Vietnam War veteran receives Medal of Honor for killing 175 in 86 hour battleErik_P59/15 4:36PM
Manhatan is a fictional TV show about the Manhattan Project.Judgmenl19/15 4:21PM
Sakura Spirit is 50% on Steam right nowSarcasthma79/15 4:13PM