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Why does Hillary Clinton...Gunsandredroses14/15 6:17PM
After listening to that song "Truffle Butter", I decided to look dragon44/15 6:01PM
It's official. Prayer before city council meetings is illegal in Canada.
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Wyand_Voidbring354/15 5:57PM
You invent a boomerangrenadeTheWorstPoster94/15 5:48PM
How do I meet artsy female sjw types?Judgmenl104/15 5:47PM
To those who refuse vaccinations for their children
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jedirood414/15 5:47PM
This 17 y/o Killed his Mom with a Hammer cause he was Raped by his BROTHER!! (Poll)Full Throttle24/15 5:46PM
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What did you think of Gamergate?
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That square enix designed Iron Man is pretty dope
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green dragon124/15 5:31PM
Vertical master race. Also, counter-clockwiseVicaris94/15 5:27PM
I'm planning on getting a N3DS soon. Which games should I get? (Need opinions)
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T0ffee174/15 5:27PM
Justice.dragon50424/15 5:12PM
I hate it that whenever I eat spicy foodsTheWorstPoster24/15 5:09PM
Humble Origin Bundle 2 - bonuses leaked
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DeltaBladeX224/15 4:54PM
I just cracked my neck and pins and needles shot down my arms.raymanfan124/15 4:35PM
I've been getting some pretty bad screen tearing.Gastroid84/15 4:22PM
Your reaction if you found THIS in your bedroom?
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ssj3vegeta_534/15 4:13PM
Can someone link me to some sort of pc building guide
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JoanOfArcade114/15 4:06PM
Greatest Game Ever - Round 1: Match 16: Grand Theft Auto V vs. Bayonetta 2 (Closed)quigonzel24/15 3:22PM