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this stupid patrol on destiny.helIy69/13 4:51PM
this is gonna sounds racist but...sonicbn39/13 4:47PM
are there any good premium/collectors editions for RPG's this year?NightMareBunny19/13 4:42PM
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ScrewAttack Deathmach: are they Trolling?
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yourDaddie129/13 4:13PM
Why does Gamespot nitpicks and overanalizes games?yourDaddie69/13 4:12PM
I'm planning on making chicken soup tomorrowDeltaBladeX109/13 4:05PM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 218 Sailor Jupiter (Poll)scubasteve42109/13 4:03PM
Getting more 3DS games tomorrow, finally going to need to delete some stuff D:
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DeltaBladeX149/13 4:03PM
I hate the American media
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mgsfreak1688189/13 4:03PM
Yeah. Super.
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keyblader1985199/13 4:02PM
Icoyar's Trying To Turn Me To The Dark Side!aDirtyShisno19/13 4:01PM
hellys, what is this, 5th? food topichelIy69/13 3:59PM
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ISIS beheads a 3rd man in latest video to threaten and shock the world. (Poll)Full Throttle19/13 3:32PM
Want something between a dog and a cat?yourDaddie69/13 3:29PM
what do you think of when you hear the word "Bees" (Poll)
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NightMareBunny549/13 3:23PM
I had a dream where Mario admitted he had a crush on Kratos.Gamechamp3k19/13 3:22PM
Let's Play Alan Wake! (Mass post topic I guess)
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w00t_D239/13 3:03PM
Czn you get a hangover from non-alcoholery?Lokarin69/13 2:21PM