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"People in Africa have it worse" (Poll)
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Gimpt3517/25 7:09AM
Alright, that's enough summer now, thanks. Back to winter, please.Arctic_Sunrise27/25 7:09AM
Whats one way consoles are better then pc?
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fire2box777/25 7:08AM
I have officially decided: My life goal is to be a virgin my whole life.
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anon_9697/25 7:07AM
How do you deal with so many people loving you and thinking you are amazing?
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ImmortalityV117/25 7:06AM
My girlfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary with cotton gifts.Mr_melodramatic17/25 7:04AM
Question for the brave warriors who watch their porn unmuted....Kr0w1Nc4rNa7337/25 7:03AM
Maryland state workers can now get sex change surgery on the tax payer's dime...
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ZiggiStardust447/25 7:03AM
lol it's pissing down with rain and b**** outside walking with an umbrellaFatalAccident77/25 7:00AM
That feeling when you hear a sound in bedLootman17/25 6:57AM
What does it mean for a character to be a Mary Sue, tv tropes seems to be iffy
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DrPrimemaster207/25 6:55AM
Name the games you played in the last 7 days.
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Lobomoon627/25 6:54AM
Is there such a thing as a good version of Watch_Dogs?CaioNV17/25 6:50AM
I used to have sympathy for Israel...Real_Account37/25 6:46AM
Some guy from the Smash Wii U board remembered me from here : /LeetCheet77/25 6:44AM
Learned my lesson. From now on when i post I will ask myself "is it worth it?"Troll_Police_77/25 6:39AM
Frequently I find that my head is "foggy"Judgmenl47/25 6:32AM
Another plane goes missing?
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davf135227/25 6:27AM
Hey, Sage.... I found your SJW counterpartKr0w1Nc4rNa7387/25 6:26AM
Would you change your eye-colour? (Poll)Tyurru36077/25 6:15AM