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Anyone see last night's Girl Meets World?Judgmenl710/19 8:41AM
1 Ebola Conspiracy............( a long read)
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Road_Kill_6668210/19 8:13AM
got my first gaming tattoo
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Lemur_Says2910/19 7:36AM
Tommy Carcetti vs Littlefinger in a fist fight. Who wins? (Poll)Captain-Trips1010/19 7:14AM
Is it normal to like how you look in mirrors, but not in cameras?
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Kanakiri1510/19 7:07AM
describe your love life using only video game titles
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Lemur_Says6710/19 6:58AM
Has anyone played Battle Princess of Arcadias?TacoWhales810/19 5:36AM
I don't really 'get' No Country for Old Men (the film version)raymanfan1710/19 4:53AM
I'm streaming Fear 2 in a couple minutes!Gamechamp3k410/19 3:21AM
Voldemort!brisashi510/19 2:29AM
Why did That Guy With the Glasses get 'famous'?raymanfan1610/19 2:27AM
I am drunk. F***ing girls man.shadowSEXil410/19 1:25AM
Gay marriage is finally legal in Arizona!
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Captain_Drek2510/19 12:51AM
who else wants another good castlevania handheld title?NightMareBunny310/19 12:47AM
iyo how did Stella get her groove back?ArctheLad13410/18 11:40PM
I am currently watching Deathly Hallows: Part 2.EclairReturns810/18 11:38PM
4TH day smoke free
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metalconkerrr1710/18 11:33PM
When does the holiday season start? (Poll)
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Storrac1810/18 11:12PM
To all the "Gamergate" people, what's your opinion on this?
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HeroofDark2510/18 11:00PM
Alpaca Evolution is the best mobile game I've ever downloaded and playedMilleyd610/18 10:41PM