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So, question regarding GotG and a certain comic character *spoilers*Kr0w1Nc4rNa7327/31 11:40PM
At work today, I was told that I'm not assertive enough.
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Kanakiri147/31 11:36PM
Name Video games that have made you cry *Possible spoilers*
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Ogurisama177/31 11:28PM
If you weren't yourself, would you like yourself?
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Lootman117/31 11:18PM
I'm leaving to Scottsdale, AZ for a few days for a family emergency
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Melon_Master417/31 11:04PM
Delta's monthly review - The Starship Damrey (3DS)DeltaBladeX67/31 10:51PM
In the middle of a Pokemon Emerald Randomized NuzlockeSilentSeph17/31 10:50PM
Dark dragongem why u no dropBoogieonover87/31 10:49PM
most over-rated game of all time? (Poll)
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Nade Duck377/31 10:41PM
The Black Mesa soundtrack is ****ing amazing.Metro227/31 10:38PM
Are you going to see the Guardians of the Galaxy? (Poll)
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LeetCheet317/31 10:25PM
i just got wrecked by like 6 scarabs in halo warshelIy97/31 10:25PM
Best PS3 game ever (Poll)yourDaddie107/31 10:18PM
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Nade Duck357/31 10:15PM
Sometimes...I really hate youtubeAllstarSniper3287/31 10:12PM
Your favourite kart racing game that is NOT Mario Karttrodi_91167/31 10:10PM
the 90s produced the catchiest rapEggsBenedikt87/31 10:02PM
Gamefaqs did the most annoying thing for ipad users without Adblock.bluPython87/31 10:00PM
This is the scariest thing ive ever watchedlootwoman57/31 10:00PM
Trailer for new Spongebob Movie
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Mr_melodramatic327/31 9:58PM