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What version of Windows are you using? (Poll)
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Artwork by AnonymousAwesomeTurtwig108/1 11:03AM
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Is there anything like Gamestop that you can pre order game and gradually payLazy_Narumi108/1 10:55AM
Can you use chopsticks? (Poll)
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This 20 y/o Kid was threatened of being fired if he didn't fix his Mohawk..Fair? (Poll)
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Grocery Store plans to Fire all 1000+ workers for striking! Is that fair? (Poll)
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Hunter x hunter 2011 is on netflixBNVshark12368/1 10:21AM
A Lamb of God 3-pack came out today (Poll)AllstarSniper3268/1 10:13AM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 27 Pantera (Poll)AllstarSniper3298/1 10:10AM
ITT: We give constructive criticism to the above poster.
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Boy, when it rains, it pours.
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K-pop music video getting controversy because of racial slurs toward Japan.Ferarri61988/1 9:55AM
How long until we get 360/PS3/Wii nostalgia online?r7gerrabbit58/1 9:41AM
lol one of the lifeguards who works at the pool I clean hates my gutsBNVshark123108/1 9:37AM
Is facebook down for anyone else?Dmess8598/1 9:30AM
Anybody ever had a job at McDonald's?How soon after an interview do you get hire
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Are you the chosen one? (Poll)
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anyone else here reading current spider-man comics?NightMareBunny18/1 9:19AM